Nice to meet you,

First of all I would like to say hello and express my gratitude to you for taking the time to learn some things about me and how I can help you on your journey to a more positive and successful future. 

Here is a little bit about the moment that changed my life and why I turned it around….

My Story,

I was battling depression after a relationship break down which resulted in me being a single mum to my two sons. This was just one too many bad things to happen to me after being attacked, abused, and controlled. I had to find a way out of my head and stay alive for my children instead of giving in to my suicidal fantasies. After months of concentrating on my love for my children to get me through my day to day life, I began to slip again and realised that I was unable to cope with the most simple of tasks. The washing up was covering the kitchen, piles of washing, my hair unwashed, eating quick rubbish food because the thought of preparing a meal was just too overwhelming. Aware that I needed to make drastic change, I decided I would reset by having a short holiday abroad without my children, I used my credit card to make this happen as I was desperate to get away from home and all of the stress it gave to me. I went to a cheap beach destination as being in the sun is my favourite place to relax. I had ordered Rhonda Byrkes’ book “The Secret” before I left and read it from start to finish whilst I was away and began to work on myself becoming aware of my struggles and bad habits I had created. 5 days later I returned from holiday feeling refreshed, revitalised and had a new level of focus that I had never had before. My children came home and I set to work.

My focus had turned to become the best person i could be for everyone in my life, mostly for myself and my sons. I began researching “The Secret”, ordering more books and finding psychologists and scientists that had done their own research to find whether the Law of Attraction really does exist. After a few months of study and practising the tools I was learning my life was changing drastically. I received more money, I found more confidence, I attracted the right people I needed into my life to help me move forward and found the strength I needed to leave negativity and victimhood in my past. I was able to forgive my past trauma and learnt that every encounter was a lesson and I had come away stronger and wiser. 

I truly turned my life around and everyone could see it and started asking me how and what I had done. I was recommending books to people, passing on the tools that I was practising that were working for me and still work. I decided I wanted to go a step further and study The Law of Attraction and became a qualified Law of Attraction Life Coach. I want to help people find the level of happiness that I have found and the stability which I have provided for my children and they follow my habits. I am the healthiest I have ever been, the most financially stable I have ever been and the most creative and productive. I have had a life time of troubles but since changing my thoughts, changing my habits and changing my attraction life has become a blessing daily. 

Change your habits, change your children’s future. Teach them skills to be confident, be happy, be successful, be healthy!!!