Law Of Attraction

This is just one of the laws of the universe. Like the Law of Gravity, you can not stop the Law of Attraction. It just is and always will be. The universe is made of energy. Everything we see, touch, are is energy vibrating at a rapid rate to be what it is. Our skin is energy that is constantly moving and changing, cells regenerating. Energy creates matter and it is your energy that attracts alike energy. The Law of Attraction fundamentally is that like attracts like.

Attraction & Energy

Everything has a vibrational channel (it’s energy) including you. Things are attracted into your life mirroring your energy vibration. For example if you are feeling tired, complaining and find yourself regularly stressed, you will attract a life that matches those vibrations such as illness, failed relationships and more stress.

However, if you regularly feel energised, grateful, happy and loved then again things in life will be attracted to those vibrations and more things will appear that make you happy.

What you put out you receive. This is true in your relationships with friends, lover, family etc.

Anything you want in life you can have, you only have to adjust your energy to match it which I am here to help you do. You can do, be and have everything. It is all just energy; money, holidays, house, it is merely a vibrational channel that perhaps you haven’t found yet.

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